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Bill Cantrell Presents...

Communicating With Mastery
Advanced Communication Skills For Recruiting,
Coaching And Developing Your Key People With Style

A 10 Week Coaching Call Series
for Consultants & Directors

When you purchase this 10-week series you will receive the accompanying PDF version of the Communicating With Mastery Book as well as workbook pages to help support each chapter. This email will also contain your private phone number and access code for each call. The calls will all be approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes. If you have any trouble receiving your materials prior to each call, please contact

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The topics the course covers focus on...
  • Advanced Communication skills.
  • Listening and asking well designed questions.
  • How to build trust and rapport quickly with six levels of Communication.
  • Six essential guidelines for understanding human behavior.
  • How to determine who to work with and how for rapid team and unit building.
  • People reading for determining other peoples style quickly
  • Customizing your sharing and recruiting interviews for increased persuasion
  • How to understand the role body language plays in knowing how to Communicate with increased confidence.
  • How to virtually do away with conflict between us and others forever.
This class will be on a first come first served basis for consultants and directors. We will keep the class size reasonably small for effectiveness. The course will run 10 weeks and include an e-book and workbooks. The investment is only 150.00 and is ideal for anyone wanting to finish directorship or have increased recruiting down the homestretch to Seminar.

In my opinion this is the perfect accountability program for maximizing your focus on sharing the career opportunity and finishing in a powerful way.


Only $150.00 for all 10 calls - Just pick your series!

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Sponsoring Director or National:
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