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Bill Cantrell Presents...

Finding Your Direction
7 Stages To Fulfilling Your Life's Work With Integrity

A 10 Week Coaching Call Series
for Consultant & Directors

When you purchase the 10-week series you will receive the accompanying PDF version of the Finding Your Direction Book as well as workbook pages to help support each chapter. This email will also contain your private phone number and access code for each call. The calls will all be approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes. If you have any trouble receiving your materials prior to each call, please contact

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This series is designed to help you live your life with integrity and to support you in the process of Finding Your Direction.

Through sharing personal stories, anecdotes and even his own poetry, Bill Cantrell documents his personal journey and research for finding and fulfilling his direction in life. Using the metaphor of a tree, Bill will take you on your own journey of discovery.

From the Seed of an acorn Bill reveals how early events in your life effect your chosen direction. Through the Roots of your environment and the Trunk of your mentors and life-teachers, he reminds you to appreciate those "providential people" in your life story. He then shows you in Branches how to become your own person – inner directed rather than outer directed.

In Leaves you will discover what's holding you back and find out how to "leave" your old limiting patterns behind. You then can produce healthy Fruit and live more abundantly in every area of your life, finally able to reap in the Harvest.


Only $150.00 for all 10 calls - Just pick your series!

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